The First Step

Hello and welcome to my first foray into blogging!! It seems a brief introduction is appropriate…

My name is Betty, I am very privileged to be living a long-time dream of the “Salt-Life” on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida.  I am a very ordinary lady who serves an extraordinary God.  Married with 3 grown children, I have been walking with God for the past 22 years.  God has given me so much and one of His best gifts is a love of His Word; I love to read, study, discuss, learn and teach the Bible.

These years walking with God have been the most difficult and the best years of my earthly life.  The Word has enabled me to get through the tough stuff and keep the right perspective on the good stuff!  The Word has equipped me to be a blessing to others and blessed me constantly!  The Word has taught me who God is, who Jesus is, who the Holy Spirit is and who I am!!!  The Word is my map, my guidebook, my textbook, my microscope, my magnifying glass, my mirror, my flashlight, my spotlight, my hammer, my anvil, my sword, my refuge and so much more.

I have been praying about sharing what God has taught and continues to teach me.  God and others  have been clear, just take the next step so that is what I am doing – thus, this blog, my next, first step!!

I pray you find blessing, encouragement and also challenge as I share with you, the State of My Heart…

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