Writing 101 – Unlock Your Mind

By way of explanation: I am participating in “Writing 101”. An online, writing workshop for Word Press bloggers; there will be a daily challenge for the next couple of weeks. The goal of this challenge is to improve writing skills so your considerate feedback on my writing is welcome!!   Some of these writing challenges will end up on my blog but not all. I will try to remember to put Writing 101 in the title to identify my challenge responses. Got it?? So let’s go…

Today’s challenge is to “Free Write” for 20 minutes….

I literally just started a timer on my phone to accomplish this. In general, I have not had a problem with writer’s block or getting started – YET!!! I expect that I will going forward…

Maybe I just talk too much but always feel like I have something to say. Whether it is worth writing or reading or hearing or being said is another thing.   But that IS the thing. There is so much noise in modern life. I don’t just want to add to the noise.

I want my words to matter, to make a difference, to cause change, to uplift and to teach someone something useful…what is my motivation for doing this is a critical question to me.

I also feel a strong prod from the Lord to do this. I pray I will continue even when it is hard, or boring or flat. Obviously there is a selfish motive too. A cleansing motive, to get the words out, the thoughts on paper, sending them out alone in the world. I just wrote about Jesus words to his disciples in John 14. He said He would not leave them as orphans. I don’t want my words to be orphaned, I want them to land somewhere, to plant somewhere, to make roots, to make seeds, to make a difference. If that is selfish or whatever so be it…

I am in the down-slope of life. Statistically, my time here is limited. I feel a need to make the time count for something, the desire to do something grand for God. He has done so much for me. He continues to do much for me. I long to hear those words promised to me, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”   Life seems so much shorter to me than it did 10 years ago, people matter so much more to me, my time spent with people I love and care about so much more important.

No one knows the exact number of their days so every day needs to count. But I want to make sure I savor the incredible beauty of this world, the sunshine, the beach, the many beautiful places and things to see; as many as I can get in/on the schedule. How to balance all this??? Just like everything else – one day at a time. I only have the breath I am on for certain.

Right now I am looking forward to a visit from a dear friend, a trip west, hoping/planning to see the Grand Canyon again. A trip north also on the calendar. Time with new friends that God is sending my way. Girlfriends are such a gift – there is so much they understand without being told, they always make me feel good. God has sent some true friends, the ones who will tell you the truth, who will tell you when you are veering off, away from truth. The friends who love you, who pray with you, who pray for you, who really want the best for you even if it hurts them in some way…I am so grateful for them.

Am I always a good friend? Probably not; I will always tell the truth, pray with a friend. I am terrible at calling and remembering to pray for friends. Friends have made decisions they had to make that I did not always agree but I still supported the right the make the decision.

Oops – timer is going off, my 20 is up…let’s read what I blathered…

2 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Unlock Your Mind

  1. Like you, I’m finding God directing me to my written voice. Age brings reflection – of events, people, and feelings. Titus 2 reminds us as ” older women” to “teach what is good, so that they may encourage the young women”. Nice job in your free write!

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