Writing 101 – My Three Most Important Songs

The twist? It is a 15-minute free writing challenge. Write for 15 minutes without stopping, self-editing, or correction. The timer is set, let’s begin…

When I read the challenge for today I cringed inside, 3 most important songs. Although I really like music and have many favorite songs, artists, genres when put on the spot I cannot remember the lyrics or artists names or titles of all but a few. Once I read that music is mathematical and that people who are musical are also very good at math. Since I personally hate math I have said that this accounts for my inability to recall music!

But I do love music, I often have a tune I  hum through the day, rarely remembering the lyrics or repeating the few I recall over and over. I love soundtracks to movies and musicals, I can recognize so many of those and as soon as I hear them I see the movie in my head, How the West Was Won, West Side Story, Batman, Lord of the Rings…Cold Mountain introduced me to a type of music I was not familiar with, Scent of a Woman – love that movie and music. Much of the time you don’t even know who wrote those…

I also think of the music of my youth…The Beatles had such an impact on me, I used to own many of their albums and played them over and over, probably driving my parents completely nuts, Blind Faith, Cream, Hendrix, The Kinks, these were some I loved and recall but I also like to listen to praise songs, gospel, pop – who does not start moving when Michael Jackson comes on, my Pandora stations include dubstep and Spirit, Billy Cobham, Fusion, Jazz, Larnelle Harris, these are the ones I can recall without actually looking…Motown, R & B, techno… I listen to it all and when asked, remember nothing – I feel like there is a hole in my brain for music and this frustrates me when I hear people talk about their favorites…even classical in the right moment has a place…

I used to sing to my kids often too. Silly made up songs to make them laugh.

The timer just beeped, challenge completed…above is the unedited, raw piece and I welcome your comments.

The ending is inconclusive and I dislike loose ends so I add the following…

I guess all that really matters is that there is a song on my lips and in my heart. I don’t think I have a good singing voice but I don’t care if I want to sing, I sing. I love music and appreciate skilled musicians and that God gave me a voice and ears to hear and enjoy.  “I will praise the Lord while I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.”  Psalm 146:2


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