Not Falling Apart

“It will seem to you that the world is falling apart …but it is not falling apart it is actually falling into place…”

One of my favorite Bible teachers, Anne Graham Lotz, makes this statement in a video message recently posted on her blog. What is she talking about?

Anne is speaking about the chaos that will follow the “rapture” of believers. “The Rapture”, as Anne explains, is not a term found in the Bible, it is the term used to explain a future, prophesied event. “The Rapture” is the moment when all believers in Jesus go immediately and suddenly to heaven. This “rapture” is depicted in the soon to be released film, Left Behind starring Nicholas Cage. The Cage film is based upon a book of the same name as well as an earlier film version starring Kurt Cameron. There has always been a lot of discussion of the “rapture” among Bible students and teachers; this upcoming movie release has again brought more discussion into mainstream media.

A lot of dissension and disagreement is caused by this topic; here is what I believe matters and what I believe to be true:

  • The Bible is very clear that at a single specific moment, all those who believe in Jesus will go directly to heaven; “The Rapture” will occur.
  • No one knows the exact day this event will occur. Since the Bible does not provide this information, it is enough to know it will happen someday.
  • Those who do not believe in Jesus will be “left behind”. Because of this sudden and unexpected departure of millions of people, the world will be plunged into chaos. As Anne describes in her message, cars, planes, trains and boats will crash. Weeping, wailing confusion and fear will take over – every nation will be reeling in confusion.
  • Many things prophesied in the Bible have already happened and happened exactly as written. The Bible has been correct many times over already, I believe that The Book of Revelation is equally accurate! The Book of Revelation describes future events in vivid and horrifying detail.
  • The devastating chaos resulting from the rapture and every event described in Revelation is all a part of God’s prophetic plan. Nothing is accidental; nothing will happen that God does not permit to happen. People will be stunned and in shock but nothing is a surprise to God. In addition, God, in His mercy, has told us in advance that these events are coming – no one should be surprised! As Anne states, “It may seem the world is falling apart but it is really falling into place!”
  • There is a way to escape the terror of being left behind and events that will come later, believe in Jesus. It is that simple! Believing in Jesus means that you agree with who the Bible says Jesus is and who you are. You are a sinner who cannot do, work, or be good enough to be forgiven for your sin. Your sin deserves the penalty of death. Jesus died in your place to pay the penalty (death) your sin deserves and so sin, yours and mine, can be forgiven. When you decide to trust Jesus for life and forgiveness, you are saved, you may not escape physical death but you are spared spiritual death – you will never, can never be separated from God. If you are alive on “Rapture Day” you go directly to heaven and will not be left behind!

So, family and friends, if you are reading this and I am no longer here and have suddenly and “mysteriously” gone – I have been raptured and you have been left behind. It is not too late though! You can still trust Jesus!

Please take a few minutes to watch Anne’s excellent message here:

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