Blogging 101 – Introducing…ME!

For the next few weeks many of my blog posts will be assignments for Blogging 101. The goal is to improve my blogging skills – you be the judge!

Todays Assignment: Who I Am and Why I’m Here.

I have always enjoyed writing and have learned to appreciate how difficult it is to really write well and to express yourself clearly.   Many years ago God gave me a love of the His Word, the Bible. I love reading, studying and teaching the Bible and I was able to do that in different settings and ways. Along the way my husband and I were given the opportunity to fulfill one of our dreams – living in Florida. So about 18 months ago we made our final decision and started the process of relocating from Northeast Pennsylvania to the Gulf Coast of Florida. We arrived at our new home in January of 2014.

Condensing the past 18 tumultuous months into three sentences make it sound so easy – it has not been; we greatly underestimated the impact of this decision. A big change for me was relinquishing my teaching and ministry leadership positions, something I dearly loved. God replaced this work with time; lots of time, a rare commodity that I had not had too much of for years. God and a few dear ones, encouraged me to write. My blog, State of My Heart, is the result.

My goal for State of My Heart is in the tagline, encouragement and lessons from The Word of God. I believe that God speaks through The Bible and His Word is the source of all wisdom and encouragement. The Bible is the primary way to get to know God, who He is and His character and to know His will for my life. The Word of God is the only mirror that shows me as I really am, sometimes weak, sinful and foolish but also dearly loved and clothed in Christ’s righteous; I am a princess, the adopted daughter of My King. The Bible reveals the true State of My Heart!

I am convinced the Bible is for everyone and is relevant for today. I know many will not agree. My blog is not an attempt to persuade or convince anyone to believe as I do; that’s God’s work not mine.  I write what God has shown and taught me and how His truth applies to my life; my hope is to inspire the reader to read and apply God’s Word to their own life and:

  • Be Encouraged – I am not as bad as I thought I was,
  • Be Inspired – I can do it,
  • Learn Something – I didn’t know or never thought that way, or
  • Be Challenged – I am worse than I thought I was!

Over the next year I would like to continue to improve my writing skill and improve the look and navigation on my blog. I would love to publish a book. Because I have many other interests some of those may also make “guest appearances” here – I love movies, reading, traveling, the beach, time with friends and family, eating, the beach, crafting and the beach – and that’s the short list!

Hope you will read, enjoy, and taste and see that the Lord is good!

Enjoy the Son-shine! Fantastic Betty

PS – the “Fantastic” part is a nickname given by a friend many years ago!  Topic for another post 😉

6 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Introducing…ME!

  1. What a great post! Boy do we have a lot in common! I don’t live in Florida – I’m in California, but I also love to read, study and teach the bible and “moved” and found myself leaving a teaching and leadership ministry. My husband and I found ourselves in the position of having to leave the church we had attended since childhood. Friends suggested blogging and while I was excited about the prospects, it has taken me a very long time to hit that publish button on a regular basis. I will be back to read more as I have the time. I’m so glad we “met”! 🙂


  2. Love you Betty! I am really enjoying reading what you write. God gave you such special gifts – and you know what they are & have the opportunity to use them!! You are blessed dear Sister!

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