Follow Me?

We’ve all done it, in spite of our best efforts to seem wise and intelligent, to act like a good citizen, a generous and caring human being; we have done something foolish, ignorant, stupid, illegal or downright mean and selfish.  Many days I feel like I get more wrong than right; it is discouraging, embarrassing and tiring.  The worst part of my missteps, mistakes and sins is that someone is watching – someone is always watching and in our world, the video can capture these charming moments and play them back for all to see – oh joy!

In 1 Corinthians 1:18, Paul says, “Be imitators of me just as I am also of Christ.”  Am I, as Paul was, willing to be used, to present myself as an example for others to follow?  The answer is willing or not, someone is probably imitating me and following my example.

Like it or not, someone is watching, someone is using me as an example to follow or a warning to avoid.  No pressure but my actions or inactions, my words and my silence are all demonstrating my faith to my observant audience.  If I truly believe God, my actions will agree with His Words and my words will be His and when I fail (guaranteed) I must be quick to confess and repent to God and apologize to the person I have offended or hurt.  This is a high and exacting standard; it is a life lived with integrity, honor and purity – the life of a Christ follower.

Am I following Christ so closely that I am willing to say to others, “Imitate me.”   What will I be – an example or a warning?  I pray God transforms me into a woman worth imitating and my example points the way to Jesus and if I serve as a warning, oh well, don’t do that!

4 thoughts on “Follow Me?

  1. Sounds kinda scriptural Betty,
    example or warning…? love it..

    Maybe the best of both worlds would be a fine example and savor of life, while warning others as to the savor of death.

    but your point is very well taken, and I’m listening.


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