One of those days…

Taking a quick walk outside the office it hit me again…God is so majestic and awesome, He created this beautiful world, He makes the sunshine and keeps the sun in its place.  He made the water and the water is sparkling with sunshine.  He made a variety of trees and plants in the world to give shade and beauty; He made it all and it is good.

He has made me able to walk around and enjoy His beauty, to feel the sunshine, to hear the birds.  He put me in this beautiful place.  He gave me a job and a mind to learn.  He gave me a family, people to care about and people who care about me.  He gave me His only Son.  He delights in me. He gives me joy.

He is God and there is no other.


8 thoughts on “One of those days…

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  2. I experience that all the time. It never fails to amaze me how everything was perfectly created and orchestrated. I don’t use the word “amazing” loosely because what you just described here is truly amazing:)


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