Never Less Alone

When day came, Jesus left and went to a secluded place; and the crowds were searching for Him, and came to Him and tried to keep Him from going away from them. Luke 4:42

When day came – Sunrise, the morning after a busy day, Jesus had healed and freed many for hours, into the night. His body aching, His heart weary, He rises and begins another day. Each day, He calls me to rise before the sunrise, I love sleeping and don’t like waking up early, I am a night owl – God knows this and made me this way. Jesus understands me, He helps me wake up.

Jesus – the centerpiece, the cornerstone, the Bright Morning Star. He is the one who leads. He is the only one to follow.

went – hearing His father, He follows in obedience, in submission, under authority, always with clear purpose, He moves. He does not rush or dawdle. He simply goes. God sees me rushing, feeling pressured, that is not his voice. He does not want me to run ahead of Him or walk behind Him. He wants me at His side. He shows me how and when to move. He is my friend.

to a secluded place – alone, quiet, private. A haven of rest where even the smallest sound and every tiny voice can be heard in His heart. Where is my haven of rest found? I must be intentional about getting to that place, it will not come to me. Jesus went there, I need to get myself there. I need to stay at His side, that is the haven of secure and quiet rest.

From Matthew Henry’s Commentary: He retired for a while into a place of solitude. It was but a little while that he allowed himself for sleep. When it was day he went to a solitary place to be sometimes alone with God as even those should be and plan to be who are most engaged in public work. They will find themselves never less alone than when thus alone.

and the crowds were searching for Him – all always seek Him. Even those who do not know what they really want seek Him. What is their motive? Who are these crowds? They are sinners, beggars, healthy and well, wealthy and wise, fools and fakes, users, abusers, easily amused, some have an agenda, some love HIm, some are greedy, some are empty, all are desperate, lost, and lonely.  Which one am I, are you?  Which one do I want to be?

and came to Him – to all who seek, He will be found! They did whatever they had to do to get to Him but He was never hidden.  Some will not like what they find, some will take what He has to give, stay a while and then turn away, others will fall in love with Him and follow Him always. I came, I saw, I stayed.

From Matthew Henry’s Commentary:  Though a solitary place may be a convenient retreat, yet it is not a convenient residence because we were not sent into this world to live to ourselves.

and tried to keep Him – He cannot and will not be kept in a box made by human hands. He cannot be kept by strength, He is kept by faith, He is kept by His own love for me; the love that kept Him on the cross until death. He is Messiah, the Son of God.

From Matthew Henry’s Commentary: The people sought him and though it was in a solitary place, they came to him. A desert is not desert if we be with Christ there.

 from going away from them. – He will never leave nor forsake the heart that is truly His but to the heart of pride, of self, of lies He never really came…


4 thoughts on “Never Less Alone

  1. This was a really nice piece, thank you.

    “I must be intentional about getting to that place, it will not come to me.”

    Great words of wisdom here. We live in a busy world full of lots of distractions and hurrying about. I have to remember to seek that secluded place deliberately and with intention. It’s amazing how taking even just a few moments to do that seems to make everything else far more productive.

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  2. Such insightful reflections, Betty. Your thoughts on the verb, “went,” were particularly meaningful to me.
    “[God] wants me at his side.” Oh, yes. That’s where I want to be, too! Thank you for ministering to my heart. Thank you also for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you’ll find the posts there meaningful to you also.


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