Men of Issachar

Media is blowing up with news, controversy and opinions on Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner and the Duggar family.  Arguments and accusations fly back and forth.  Christians are accused of hiding truth, of being judgmental.   Some Christians are appalled and angry at the situation and the generalizations of Christians as unkind and unloving; other Christians cry that America is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  It can be difficult to know how to respond amidst the confusion.

David, the great King of Israel, was able to achieve his many battle victories because of God’s blessing and his faithful followers; his Mighty Men.  1 Chronicles 12 describes the Mighty Men as men who were:

  • Ambidextrous – could handle weapons with both right and left hands.
  • Well-trained.
  • Faces like lions.
  • Swift as gazelles.
  • The least of which was equal to 100 “regular” men, the greatest equal to 1,000.
  • Strong and brave swimmers, crossing the Jordan when it was at flood stage.

Two groups of men in particular capture my attention:

  • Sons of Issachar were few in number, only 200, but they are commended as men who understood the times and had knowledge of what to do, and,
  • the men of Zebulun who had undivided hearts.

Oh God, I pray that you would make me like the Sons of Issachar, a woman who understands the times in which I live. Help me to know when to speak and when to stay silent.  Help me to know how to respond;  that my words would be seasoned with salt and useful to those who hear them.  That I would not hesitate to speak truth from Your Word and that I would be a grace-extender in accordance with the great grace I have received.

Oh God, help me to be like the men of Zebulun, that my heart would be totally dedicated to following You as these men followed David.  Help Your church to be unified in purpose; to know You and to make You known.  

Oh God, help me, help all of Your followers, to be found worthy of being called by Your name; of being called Christian.

7 thoughts on “Men of Issachar

  1. Beautiful words! You’ve said what’s been in my heart for some time now.

    Also, those “men of Issachar,” they are alive and well and all over the place, but they don’t get a lot of media attention. Rather ordinary appearing men I imagine, but powerful in spirit. It’s very easy to become discouraged because we can’t always see them, but they’re real 😉

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