Writing 101 – Finding My Voice!

Today’s challenge: You’re told that an event that’s dear to your heart has been cancelled forever or taken over by an evil organization. Write about it. The Twist: Write in your own, unique “voice”. (Since I could not think of an event I decided to write about the fictional takeover of a familiar public institution.)

Hey, didja see those ads on TV? The ads about libraries? Yeah, yeah, the ones where all the kids look like plastic dolls – all perfect and happy and weird lookin’.   Do you know what those ads are for?? The Farenheit Corporation! Did you know that the Farenheit Corporation is buying our library! What a giant load of horse hockey!

What do you mean, “So what?” Oh for goodness sake, don’t you know anything! Farenheit is the company that destroyed most of Denali Park. They got that logging permit and went completely crazy – they went in there and hacked down like 2 million acres of trees, they made millions on that deal!!! No one even knew about it until the fires started, it was a complete disaster – that area will NEVER be the same. It was disgusting!

So now, they’re gonna start runnin’ our library and not just here but all over the country, they are literally taking over libraries everywhere! They are buying them! The towns don’t have the money to keep them going so they’re selling them to Farenheit. All they see are big dollar signs – it is so stupid!

You know you are literally killing me, KILLING ME!!! You should care for cryin’ out loud. Don’t you get it? The idea of a public library is that it is for the pub-lic – all the public! Once the corporation takes over they’ll decide what books will be allowed in there, they’ll decide who will get to read the books, they’ll decide what authors are allowed to write the books – it’s outrageous! Yeah, I know you don’t care about this but you should!

Don’t you get it; this is one step away from corporate control of ev-er-y-thing. Not just books but movies, TV, the news…bit by bit they’re gonna control it all. Farenheit has been spinnin’ this story all over the Internet and TV. You know that ad with the plastic kids right. Did you notice what the kids are doing? Yep, all of ‘em are reading. Did you realize they all have the SAME book? Do you know what book it is? Of course not! It’s “My Company Rules!” Bradley Ray wrote it – he’s the CEO of Farenheit Corporation. Surprise? NOT!! The book is all about this great company that takes such good care of its workers and makes sure they’re happy and singing every day – that is creepy – corporate cyborg seven dwarves !!

Farenheit claims they’re going to make libraries better, clean up all the old books, the ones they say are out of date and replace them with nice, new CLEAN books!  They say books should only make people happy, not sad or upset. They claim too many books make people depressed, people shouldn’t waste their time on old books full of “weird” ideas and old-fashioned words – it’s all crap!! ARGH!!! Yes, I’m upset. People are fallin’ for this garbage! Don’t tell me to calm down. I can’t talk to you! I’m goin’ for a walk! Yes smartie, I am going to the public library while I still can!

Disclaimer: This is a fictional piece.  Thank you, Ray Bradbury for the inspiration!