Every time I think I have life figured out I find out I don’t. Every time I think I am doing pretty well, something trips me up. Every time my life has started to settle into a comfortable routine, things change.

I don’t ride roller coasters, too many twists, turns and sudden drops so why did God give me this wild roller coaster life? One reason is to expose the true condition of my heart.

God has used every twist, turn and surprise as a learning opportunity and a tool to draw me closer to Him. He uses His Word as a lens to magnify my sins and to remind me how much He has blessed me. Difficulties, stress, anger and even blessings reveal my heart’s true condition and God helps me remove the rough spots and blockages that prevent me from living a holy and fruitful life. State of My Heart will share the simple and very practical lessons God has taught me and demonstrate how the Bible applies to every aspect of life. I hope and pray my lessons encourage and help you too.

So, if you would like to share my heart’s adventures on God’s exciting roller coaster, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

I am so glad you’re joining me; we’re in for the ride of our lives!  Betty


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I am pleased that you enjoy my blog and thank you for nominating me – I am flattered!! I have enjoyed reading your posts and see we have a major motivator in common! Your link did work! I will work on my responses to your questions and getting that award posted up there!

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  2. I really appreciate your candid comments about your life and heart. To realize ones short comings is a definite sign of good character and wonderful change. Life indeed leaves wiser if we choose to learn from it. Betty I will read more of your blog and I look forward to your post.

    Much love Tom


    • Thank you, Tom! Sorry I am a bit behind on checking comments/blogs and all. Really appreciate your kind and encouraging words. One thing that is certain in life is change, nothing stays the same. Change is not always easy but it sure can be a good teacher. Glad to have your “follow” and welcome your comments!! B.

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  3. Love this! It is difficult to deal with uncertainty and accept it into our lives. Sometimes I don’t know where my life is heading, but I just trust God and trust that what is meant to be, will happen. 🙂 And that keeps me going.


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