Little Lizards

Little LizardsLots of little lizards live here on Florida’s Gulf Coast; my best guess is that they are Southeastern Five-lined Skinks. These little guys are really quick, interesting to watch and very afraid of people – they run when they see you. Anyway, the other day, I opened my door to come in the house and I wasn’t looking. A tiny skink ran into my living room – ARGH!!! NOOOO!!! Generally I am not afraid of little animals/bugs UNLESS they are in my house – then PANIC!!! Skinks are completely harmless and they are fast!! Of course, he ran behind the extremely large wall unit and there was no possible way to get him out of there. Bottom line, I had to go to sleep, knowing this dude was in my house, hoping he would stay behind the wall unit in the living room and not decide to explore. I insisted that the living room light be kept on overnight, don’t ask me why, and made lots of noise when I started moving around the next morning!!!

Fear is an interesting thing.  Fear can range from alarm to panic, from the creeps to terror.  Fear can be the shivers, the willies or the heebie-jeebies.  Fear can cause awe, hesitation or complete temporary paralysis.  Fear can be powerful and rule our lives if we allow it.

What keeps you up at night? What are you afraid of?? What do you dread??  The world is a frightening place. In addition to skinks, there is much to fear, lots to worry about and things to dread. Planes crash, illness happens, evil abounds; so much is out there it is a wonder anyone ever leaves the safety of his or her home – EVER. Some of the things that scare me the most are in my own mind; my thoughts can spiral downward to a point where I am paralyzed with worry and anxiety about money or the lack thereof, fear of the future, the direction of my life. I can choose to be immobilized by my fears or work to master them.  I have learned the only way for me to conquer my fears, my rational mind must fight back.  I need a powerful weapon; I must focus on what is true, what is good. I look to the Lord, I look to the Word, I look to the one who is The Word.  When fear grips me, I recall Psalm 27:1, my “theme” verse for 2014…

“The LORD is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear?

The LORD is the defense of my life. Whom shall I dread?”

The LORD is my light. I do not need to be afraid of people who are thoughtless, destructive, or deliberately evil. I do not need to worry about the direction of my life.  He will shine in the places of darkness even if the darkness is in my own mind.  He will light my path.  His light will reveal what is true and drive away darkness!

The LORD is my salvation. I don’t have to panic in stressful situations, during a confrontation, when money is tight. He will rescue me and put me in a place of complete safety! He will provide a way and for my needs.  He has a place of ultimate safety prepared for me – Heaven!!

The LORD is the defense of my life. I don’t have to defend myself if someone slanders me, gossips about me, or intends to harm me in any way. He will be my defender and protector! He will fight the battle in my own mind.  He cannot be defeated!

Does fear overwhelm you at times?  How do you fight if?  I welcome your comments!

PS: I haven’t seen my little visitor all day. I am hoping he found his way out but just in case, the light WILL be left on…

One thought on “Little Lizards

  1. Hi Betty! I enjoyed your blog on fear. And as far as that little lizard goes… My wise mother always told me, “He’s more afraid of you than you are of him!”


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