Writing 101 – Sunday Afternoon

Today’s challenge: Write a post based on the contrast between two things. The twist: Make it in the form of a dialogue.

“Oh no, not this again!” she groans.“Oh YES and all day today,” he says. “AND Monday AND Thursday, too!”

“Come ON – this is not fair!” she says. “Let me choose for a change. Oh look, now here we go. Oh, what is his name I just can’t think of it”.

“Nooo!” he shouts. “Black and white movies suck!! I am not watching another of these crappy old movies – gimme that remote back!”

She sighs, “Seriously, I am sick of football – it’s so stupid! Giant BOYS, all pituitary cases, running back and forth, smashing each other and chasing a dumb ball. “

He shouts, “You have never been an athlete, you just don’t understand. It takes dedication and skill to play football or any sport. Do you have any idea how much time they spend running drills, watching tapes, training. You’ve seen that stupid movie a jillion times! Note to you – the ending is still the same!!”

“Movies make you think, genius!” she says, tapping her head with her index finger. “Oh, this is my favorite scene. This is so sweet. I love this music, it really makes me think of fall – hear how it sounds like wind. Look at that – notice they’re in a garden? The garden is a metaphor for change – metaphor means the garden stands for something, like a symbol…”

“I KNOW what a metaphor is!” he mumbles.

She continues as if she hadn’t heard, “The garden shows how much life has changed since they first met and how much they have been changed by life through the years. Gardens are always changing…”

Exasperated, he barks, “Remote, please! Stoo-pid movie!! Metaphor, meta-a five, six and seven! Who cares? No ONE talks like that! “Oh, my darling, your auburn tresses remind me of the fog, curling up from the bayou.” Crap! Why don’t they just talk normal in these old things? You don’t hear any dumb talk in football, just pass, run, score, and hit him before he hits you – fast and simple!”

“This is a historical drama so yes; I admit the way they talk is odd. Look how the light falls across their faces, see how the edge is so sharp, it forces your eye to  them. Can’t you see how much tension is in this scene? Look at his hands. See how he has them clenched? She has her handkerchief all twisted in a knot – you can feel how much they are both holding back. There is more they want to say but neither one wants to be the first one to say it. He’s engaged to her sister for crying out loud.”

“So why doesn’t he just tell the sister he doesn’t want to be engaged to her anymore?”

“No! Her sister is dying…”

“Oh the dreaded “mystery disease” that no one knows what it is and there is no cure right?” he says, dripping with sarcasm.

“Pay attention,” she demands. “Now watch this part. Uh oh, this guy is rotten, he is just trying to make trouble. HE wants to marry the dying sister so he can get the family money. Everybody trusts him but he is really no good. You see, before he came to town, he…”

“Too complicated, too much thinking, not enough action. It’s all talk, talk, and more talk, BO-RING! I’m putting the game back on.” He leans forward in anticipation. “Ok, here we go. Come on, get him, get ‘em – OHHH! What a hit!!! Flag? No way! That play was legit. That ref is an idiot – come on ref! That is a touchdown – both feet were in bounds. Look look, here’s the replay, now watch this. BOOM – right there, did you see that? Look, they’ll show it again.”

“Oh my gosh it’s ONLY a game!! You are yelling at a TV! Why are you getting so excited?”

“And that’s my point – football is exciting! X-CIT-ING – get it? First, it reminds me of when I played in high school, some of the best days of my life. Second, it’s a battle – each team trying their hardest to score and they only have minutes to do it – talk about tension – THAT is tension! Finally and third, watching football relaxes me! After working all week, it is nice to be home, sit down and NOT have to think for a while – to just enjoy some real live action – and in full color I might add.”

“That’s funny, old movies have the same effect on me! I love to watch the story slowly unfold, the emotion of it, how every word is important. Even though I know the ending it gets me every time. When I watch a movie I can block out other things and just relax for a while.”

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I think I am!”

“I think we better buy a second TV!!!”


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