Writing 101 – Personality on a Page

Today’s challenge: We all have anxieties, worries and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears. Today’s twist: Write in a style distinct from your own.

In my humble and amateur opinion, I want to be very forthright and let you know, dear reader, that I am neither a proud person nor do I possess any degrees or accreditations from any institutions of higher learning in any subject whatsoever much less a degree or license in the practice of psychology, psychiatry or other type of recognized mental health profession; I consider myself to be a person who possesses several anxieties.

In addition to the aforementioned anxieties, I will openly and publically state in this forum that there are also a variety of issues and situations, past, present and future that cause me to worry and even to descend into a state of fear so paralyzing that words, movement and any activity that is in any way indicative of responsiveness may be completely and totally suspended for an indeterminate period of time (at least in my conscious perception).

By far, there is one common and well known creature that I encounter regularly in my daily perambulations through my neighborhood and most notably in the numerous and well-shaded nearby public parks that strikes the most intense levels of anxiety, worry and fear deep into my psyche causing me to flee and, while fleeing, to flail my arms in a way that is both supremely infantile and embarrassing regardless of who may be in the vicinity to observe my intense distress.

Dear reader, some of you have been faithful and diligent followers of my posts during this Writing 101 challenge as I have endeavored to improve my writing competency by composing a well-thought out response to the daily writing prompt; many of which have caused me to plumb the depths of my soul, exposing my true self boldly for your reading pleasure and hopefully, your use as you also seek improvement as a craftsman (or craftswoman) who strives to effectively express yourself through the medium of language and words.

This particular piece of self-revelation has been designed for you dear and faithful reader, you have persevered so long to arrive at the dramatic conclusion of this post and the final revelation of one of my deepest fears, the one that causes me to retreat from the free and fresh air into the safety of my car and home, the worry that prevents my enjoyment of a simple meal in a public place while enjoying the cool shade provided by the boughs of a graceful willow, the anxiety disrupting my precious and much-needed rest and respite from my taxing days, oh dear reader, the conclusion to my tale of woe is at hand and I confess to your tender eyes and ears my fear of…



11 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Personality on a Page

  1. Betty, I LOVED this! It reminded me of a movie I saw on Lifetime T.V. (Can’t remember the name of it. Darn!) I loved the voice you used in it (is it your real voice? Naah, don’t think so). Squirrels? I loved how you hyped up the readers’ anticipation and bombed us at the end!

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    • Thank you for reading and the compliment! Actually, to be honest I hate more than fear them but they really creep me out in a major way. The squirrels around here are so bold, I think they are used to people feeding them. They will come right up to you and even follow you if you are walking. I hate it because I cannot have a picnic in ANY of the parks around here – UGH – rodents!!:-(((


      • How funny, in England most people are fascinated by just catching sight of them, and we’d certainly never be able to feed one. I did encounter one at the Grand Canyon a few years ago though that ate nuts out of my hand, I was rather entranced by it as you’d never see that here… but perhaps I just contributed to the problem… sorry!

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      • I’ve actually heard that the grey ones we see more of here are American ones that were accidentally brought over on a ship years ago… Our native squirrels are red and you hardly see any today as all the greys took over! They obviously know how to conquer!


  2. this was very good! Way to surprise your readers at the end! Made me think of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds 🙂 For you the movie would be The Squirrels ! Ha! That is the only Hitchcock movie I ever watched! Saw it on tv years ago as a child and haven’t forgotten it!

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