Epicurus is God!

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The Lions Den

There are countless sages who have contributed to the deep things of life, and whose works remain in libraries of the world. Philosophy, philo- lover of, and sophia- wisdom, hence lover of wisdom;  it is very easy to be attracted to philosophy. Spiritual souls however, see philosophy as a stepping stone to One greater, One wiser.

Far too many philosophers unfortunately, have reasoned God out from his own creation, as if He is not welcome on His own dirt.  They are a dime a dozen, but apart from God,  we need only look at one, for they are all cut from the same tattered cloth.

In one of the most famous of ‘gotcha’ moments, the disciples of the wise ones state with an artificial certainty:  God does not exist!  By a subtle combination of twisted logic, and with one stroke of the pen,  they cite ‘evil’ as the Goliath that has…

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