Just Passing Through…

Now it happened that He (Jesus) was passing through some grainfields on a Sabbath – Luke 6:1

Most of the time when we read of Jesus, He is still; He is teaching, sitting, healing or speaking to a crowd.  Here we see Him passing through on a Sabbath, this is “not the norm” for Jesus and it gives me pause…

Is Jesus just passing through in my life, in my heart, in my home, or, worse, would he just pass unnoticed through my church?

I hope not.  I invited Jesus into my heart, I want Him to make His home there, to dwell and abide with me.  He is ready and willing to abide with me.  What changes must I make to spend time with Him, to allow Him to be “at home” with me.

Would Jesus be welcome to enter my church with His dusty feet and worn robe?  Is my church the kind of place where Jesus would want to sit?  How about His companions, the prostitutes, the tax-collector’s, the beggar’s – what kind of welcome would they experience?  Would Jesus be invited to sit in the front or would He be directed to a more hidden corner, off to the side?

What would Jesus think about what He hears and observes in my home, in my church?

I don’t want a “passing through” Jesus, I want Jesus to take over, to set up camp, to feel welcome and blessed.  I want Jesus to have the keys, to take ownership, to my home, my church, my heart.  How about you?

3 thoughts on “Just Passing Through…

  1. Oh, amen! There’s an old saying from a bumper sticker, “Jesus is my co-pilot.” No way! If He’s the co-pilot, I’m sitting in the wrong seat 🙂

    So, Honored Guest, Treasured King, Beloved Counselor, however we choose to perceive Him, He is definitely invited in. Unfortunately my house is a bit messy and I’m a rather flawed, but I always try to make sure He gets the best I have to offer.

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